Little Homalictus bee climbs into a flower to collect nectar, pollenating on the way. Woodgate, Qld.
Meat ant (Iridomyrmex sp.) treats itself to some honeydew pee from a brood of jumping plant lice. Mundubbera, QLD.
This tiny nymph constructs intricate housing from honeydew on gum leaves. It will turn into a winged jumping plant louse. Toowong, QLD.
Tiny Tamarixia parasite wasp looks for psyllid nymphs to lay eggs into. These psyllids look very similar to scale and have badly infested the new growth of a lilly pilly shrub. Kyogle, NSW.
Jumping plant louse rests on the bark of a spotted gum. Wilston, Qld.
The orange psyllid nymph responsible for creating this fingernail-like lerp. Longreach, Qld.
Adult Psyllid in a wooly white protective jacket. Directly beneath the wing is a wingless nymph and below that an even younger nymph - the orange blob. Broadwater Creek, Qld.
Myrmecia worker ants clear unwanted debris out of the nest. Charleville, Qld.
You know it's hot when furious meat ants refuse to leave the nest. Charleville, Qld.
This enormous Bull Ant (Myrmecia gulosa) is around 30mm long.
A head is all that's left from this bugs last meal. A stingless bee died while clinging to a leg with her mandibles. Tarragindi, Qld.
Stingless bees lay down resin at the nest entrance. The red seeds are most likely from a nearby Cadaghi tree. Tarragindi, Qld.
Two tiny, shiny pintail beetles forage on a rotting log in the rainforest. Mt Glorious, Qld.
That's his real name. Or Arkys tuberculatus. Mt Glorious, Qld.
Tree ants (Podomyrma sp.) struggle with a persistent meat ant (Iridomyrmex sp.) which has hold of one of their antennae. Anstead, Qld.
Short solid fly with crazy coloured eyes. Broadwater, Qld.
A lovely little pollen beetle feasts on a pink gumnut flower. Deepwater, Qld.
Small yellow paper wasp on a Hibiscus leaf. Deepwater, Qld.
Tiny ginger ants (possibly Plagiolepis sp.) fuss over a colony of aphids. Kyogle, NSW.
Stunning metallic hues of the Rhytidoponera metallica group. Kyogle, NSW.
Major and minor camponotus ants hide in a rotting log, Woodgate, Qld.
Green head worker (Rhytidoponera sp.) carrying her fellow worker ant. Boondooma Dam, Qld.
Green head worker ant (Rhytidoponera sp.) carries a much smaller ant. Boondooma, Qld.
Larval stage of Bactrocera tryoni - Queensland Fruit Fly, inside a ripe Mulberry. Kyogle, NSW.
Ground beetles flailing in the dirt. Kyogle, NSW.
Little shiny blue fly feeds from a tea tree flower. Girraween NP, Qld.
What may be waxy scale seems to be infested with mealy bugs. Girraween, Qld.
Doli ant tests a lerp for honeydew. Psyllids build lerps to protect themselves and ants enhance that protection in return for honeydew. Girraween, Qld.
Golden tailed Dolichoderus ants (Dolichoderus scabridus) tend lerps on a gum leaf. Girraween NP, Qld.
Metallic checkered beetle (Eleale sp.) feeds on a flannel flower. Girraween, Qld.
Ants often share food with each other, here they transfer nectar inside a red Hibiscus flower. Kyogle, NSW.
Black chalcid wasp lays her eggs into a cocoon inside a curled leaf. The caterpillar's shed skin with head attached is under the coccoon on the left. Kyogle, NSW.
Soft-winged Carphurus sp. flower beetle on a macadamia branch. Kyogle, NSW.
Homalictus bee collects pollen from a tiny portulaca flower. Woodgate, Qld.
Also known as an Emerald Wasp, these beautiful wasps lay their eggs in other wasps nests. Woodgate, Qld.

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