The orange psyllid nymph responsible for creating this fingernail-like lerp. Longreach, Qld.
One of these is definitely a psyllid - the orange nymph inside the finger-like lerp. The green shovel-nosed insect could be a psyllid or a planthopper. Longreach, Qld.
Rattle ant (Polyrhachis sp.) forages inside a grevillea seed pod. Woodgate, Qld.
Tiny green metallic homalictus bee gathers pollen from a portulaca flower. Woodgate, Qld.
This bee was not moving, I thought it was dead but then another bee came along and chased her away. Woodgate, Qld.
An elongated abdomen sets these flies apart. Woodgate, Qld.
Recently hatched ant-mimic bug in the Alydidae family, most likely Riptortus serripes. Woodgate, Qld.
Adult male Riptortus serripes on seed pods. Woodgate, Qld.
Beetle hunkers down amidst an ant inquisition. Woodgate, Qld.
Two life cycle stages of a flatid planthopper. An early instar on the left and the adult form on the right. The white exuvia near the adult is the mouted exoskeleton of the nymph form. Woodgate, Qld.
A winged queen ant (Possibly Monomorium sp.) looks for a mate. Woodgate, Qld.
Profile of a red-eyed hopper nymph in half bend mode on a gum leaf. Woodgate, Qld.
Paropsis pictipennis on an acacia leaf. Woodgate, Qld.
Dicranosterna circe on an acacia leaf. Woodgate, Qld.
Paropsis ornata on a gum leaf. Woodgate, Qld.
Lady wasp lays eggs in a gall on the stem of a gum tree. She is adding to the multitude of scars on the surface of the gall. Her ovipositor is thinner than a human hair. Woodgate, Qld.
Woodgate, Qld.
Two rival males fight over a newly emerged female gall wasp. Woodgate, Qld.
Wasp lays her eggs inside tiny moth eggs. Woodgate, Qld.
Common small meat ants at their nest entrance. Woodgate, Qld.
Also known as a false scorpion. Found under bark on rotting timber. Lake Boondooma, Qld.
Pseudoscorpion approaches a mat of white fungus. You can also see a borer hole in the wood. Found under bark on a decomposing ironbark branch. Lake Boondooma, Qld.
Spiny golden ant looks more like silver thann gold. Woodgate, Qld.

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